Former Residence of Luxun

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The Former Residence of Luxun is located in the Japanese Concession of Shanghai and is a tile and red brick three story building. This was the last known residence of Lu Xun in Shanghai and it offers great insight into ancient Shanghai life.

Former Residence of Luxun is very different from the residences of Sun Yatsen and Zhou Enlai since it is built in a typical Japanese style.

Lu Xun And His Work

Lu Xun was a famous writer born in Shaoxing, a small city located south of Shanghai in 1881. With his humble origins, he grew to be recognized as the greatest Chinese writers of the 20th centuries. The main focus of his work had been to describe the life of the poor in the Chinese society with a plain prose style. He also played a major role in developing a modern Chinese prose style as well as helping to simplify Chinese script and was therefore known as the father of the modern Chinese literature.

He was a very prolific writer who had translated various science fiction novels in Chinese and had also written scathing critiques on Confucianism. He was known alternatively as an arrogant and submissive Chinese character. Lu Xun had never been a part of the Communist Party but it is often said that he would have had a lot to say about communism.

The Memorial Hall

In Former Residence of Luxun is a memorial hall which has been dedicated to his life. The second floor is home to the main exhibition room where several old photographs, his books, death mask, goatskin gown and his hat have been displayed. Signs are available in English. There is also a bookstore in the building selling English versions of some of his most popular books. Only a few minutes’ walk away from this park is a brick house where he had lived from 1933 till the time he died. The building is still decorated as it was back then. The exhibits in the building include a clock that marks his exact death time as well as his original writing brush.

A Museum with A Difference

Former Residence of Luxun is sparsely decorated and is dotted along with sepia toned, faded photographs. It is mostly undisturbed since the demise of the writer and is much unlike the glossy museums found around the country. The cabinets and cupboards still contain books, medicine bottles and bowls that he had left behind and adding to the air of authenticity. There is a guided tour available for Former Residence of Luxun but it is not in English.

Other Areas to Explore

If you are visiting the area, a visit to Former Residence of Luxun is definitely recommended. However, there are also several other places that you can visit while you are here. The lanes surrounding the house are in the style of the foreign concession area and are lined with conifers and various other trees. The Duolun Lu street is quite popular and has many attractions. There are many alleyways leading off this street that offer several distractions and gems that you can discover. There is also a park nearby dedicated to Lu Xun.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.9, 132 Shanyin Road in Hongkou District, Shanghai

How to Get There?

To reach Former Residence of Luxun, tourists can take bus no 23, 97, 70, 47, 139, 21 and 18.

Ticket Price:

8 Yuan

Opening Hours:

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

More Tips:

The guidance at Former Residence of Luxun is minimal and viewing is generally quick. However, leaflets are available in English.

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