Former Residence of Song Ching Ling

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The Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling in Shanghai covers a total area of 4,330 square meters with a lawn in front and a garden in the rear. The residential buildings are surrounded by camphor trees which are luxuriantly green all the year round. In the center of the compound stands the main building, a two-story white house built in the early twenties. Soong Ching Ling moved to live in this house in the winter of 1948. The residence is furnished in the same way as it was when she was alive. It was the place that Soong Ching Ling received many distinguished foreign guests. The drawing room and dining room are on the first floor. In the center of the northern wall hangs a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and on the southern wall is a photo of Soong Ching Ling with chairman Mao Zedong taken in 1961 when chairman Mao came to visit her. In this drawing room, Soong Ching Ling met a lot of foreign leaders as the president of North Korea Kim Il-sung and the King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk.

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No. 1843 middle Huaihai Road in Xuhui District.

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By bus No.44,48,72,113,126,138,506,548,911,920,923,926,945,946,Tourism Line7

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8 yuan

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