Jinjiang Park

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The Jinjiang Park is affiliated with the Jinjiang Group and is a large amusement park that is very popular in Shanghai.

The park is located on Hongmei Road in the Meilong District and was created in 1984. The area is a booming and prosperous location with many bus routes and transportation options available for tourists.

Jinjiang Park will take you back to the carnival, old fashioned atmosphere and fun with a 108 meter giant Ferris Wheel, haunted house and much more. Jinjiang Park does not really have many modern rides that stimulate fright or offer rides at thrilling speeds but is all about enjoying old fashioned fun with the family.

The Main Attractions

Visitors can go wild at the swing carousel, pirate ship or bumper cars or try their hands at one of the carnival games offered. Jinjiang Park offers old time thrills and nostalgia. However, for those who are adventurous the park also offers the thrilling zero gravity ride to experience free fall as well as roller coaster. It features an Eiffel Tower model as well as many humorous signs in Chinglish.

The Amusement Projects

Jinjiang Park covers an area of around 110,000 sq m today and is home to over 30 different projects of various sizes to offer the ideal mix of natural beauty, arts and amusement. It attracts a huge number of people each year from China as well as abroad. New rides are added continuously such as Gorge Rafting and Happy World. A new, double deck luxury carousel was also added to Jinjiang Park in 2003 which is currently immensely popular with the visitors.

Spend A Day with the Family

Jinjiang Park is a great place to spend a fun filled day with the family. The park receives around a million visitors each year in every age group. Some of the rides in the park such as the expenditure shuttle and happy world are recently added and are highly popular with tourists.

Jinjiang Park is also home to some of the most popular, less thrilling rides like bumper cars, merry-go-rounds and a roller coaster. The park is also home to a water park open during summer, a haunted house and a preschooler playground. It also offers a number of other facilities such as shops, entertainment areas, tea houses, coffee house and several restaurants.

An Advanced Park

What makes Jinjiang Park so popular is the fact that it offers rides and amusement options for people in every age group. It has medium, large and small sized rides that mix natural scenery, arts and amusement together to entertain visitors. 18 of these rides have been brought in from other countries, showcasing the advanced nature of Jinjiang Park. With the growing needs of the visitors, the park has been continuously developed and expanded to keep visitors satisfied. It is a comprehensive amusement park combining hotels, transportation, restaurants and amusement and therefore attracts thousands of visitors each year to its door step.

Jinjiang Park is accessible throughout the year and offers entertainment and fun outdoors as well as indoor with recreation, food, music and entertainment.

Solo Adventure Tips:


201 Hongmei Road, Meilong Area, Shanghai

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Jinjiang Park by metro line 1 and by bus no 704, 131 and 50.

Ticket Price:

CNY 50 for two projects; CNY 80 for six projects

Opening Hours:

8:45 AM to 5:00 PM

More Tips:

Plan to reach Jinjiang Park early in the morning so you can spend the entire day at the park. If you are visiting the park in summers, be sure to visit the water park inside.

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