Jinmao Tower

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Brief Introduction

Jinmao Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and a landmark skyscraper of Shanghai City. Occupying an area of 2.3 hectares, it is 420.5 meters tall, with 88 floors above the ground, and 3 floors underground. It is located in Lujiangzui area of Pudong District of Shanghai, forming Shanghai’s modern city skyline with some other skyscrapers.

The construction of Jinmao Tower began in 1994 and was completed in 1999. It was the tallest building in China, until in 2007 it was surpassed by Shanghai World Financial Center which stands next to it. Jinmao Tower is a multifunctional supertall skyscraper, containing offices, shopping malls, bars, conference rooms, restaurants, observation deck and luxury 5-star hotel Shanghai Grand Hyatt.


There are 3 main entrances to the lobby of Jinmao Tower. The first two floors are the building’s spacious and impressive lobby. Floors 3-50 are office portion, floors 51-52 function as mechanical rooms. Grand Hyatt Shanghai occupies floors 53-87, making it one of the tallest 5-star hotels in the world. The 88th floor is the observation deck with an area of 1520 square meters, making it the largest and tallest observation deck in Mainland China.

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The observation deck of Jinmao Tower is on the 88th floor, at a height of 340.1 meters, with an area of 1520 square meters. Being the largest and tallest observation deck in Mainland China, it is luxuriously decorated with imported natural marbles. Looking far through the glass screen wall, the panoramic view of Shanghai city along the banks of Huangpu River is all taken in your eyes.

There are two elevators ascending up to 9.1 meters per second that can send you directly to the 88th floor, taking only 45 seconds. There is also an air post office where you can buy stamps and postcards, and send them via posts.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Grand Hyatte Shanghai occupies floors 53 to 87, making it one of the tallest five-star hotels in the world. It offers 555 rooms and suites with elegant design, fully served business center, convenient location, and several high quality restaurants and bars.

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No. 88 century road pudong

How to Get There?
Metro No.2 line, No.81, 82, 574, 581, 870, 871, 872 buses, Tunnel Line 3, 4, 5, 6.

Ticket Price:

Ticket to reach sightseeing hall on the 88th floor: 50 yuan for adult and 25 yuan for children.

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There are barriers free accesses and lifts.

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