Site of the 1st Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

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The site of the first Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is located in Xintiandi in Shanghai City. This is the site where Mao Ze Dong and other members of various communist groups across China met in July 23, 1921 for the first time to mark the birth of National Communist Party. Today, the museum is open for visitors to see the meeting place where everything is placed as it was 84 years ago.

The museum features exhibits about the history of the city of Shanghai, history of China, and the events surrounding the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party. The details related to party’s roots, rise to power, and how Chinese government existed are neatly arranged on the walls that you’ll see as you go through different rooms of the site.

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As a renowned historical attraction in Shanghai, the site has received 10 million visitors since it was opened to public 50 years ago. It is estimated that the site receives 1.8 million visitors in recent years since it was rebuilt in 1999. The two-storey Shikumen building was built in 1920 and used to be the residence of two Communist Party members.

On the first floor, tourist will find the reconstructed meeting place where everything was placed as it was 84 years ago. The exhibition hall, which can be found upstairs, features revolutionary relics, photos, and documents. These include photos of the thirteen communist members and the blooming of nationwide communist teams. There are also waxworks found inside the building used to recreate the historic meeting. These life-sized wax figures vividly reproduces the most important scene that marked the birth of Chinese Communist Party.


The whole site covers an area of 900 square meters and this includes both the internal layout and external constructions that were recovered to the original slate in 1958. A courtyard welcomes tourists right after they enter the main door. The highlight of the site, which is the meeting room, is six glass doors away from the main entrance. Documents that can be found on the site include 170 related files, pictures, and objects, which are useful for tourists who want to fully understand the history of the Communist Party in China.

Great lengths have been taken to ensure that visitors will get accurate information related to the Communist Party’s history in the country. Exhibits here are well-arranged and translations are accurate.


After learning about the Chinese Communist Party and understanding how the Chinese government was established, tourists can go ahead and get souvenirs from nearby gift shops. You can get Mao Zedong watches and other amazing souvenirs.

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No.76 Xingye Road, next to Shanghai Xintiandi.

How to Get There?

•    Take bus 146 to Xingye Road Station; turn left at Xintiandi Post Office.
•    Take bus 17, 109, 304, or 932 to South Huangpi Rd. Station.
•    Take City Sightseeing Bus to get there directly.
•    By subway, take Line 1 and get off at South Huangpi Rd. Station. Use Exit 2 and walk towards South Huangpi Road. Xingye Road is on your right side.

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Best time to visit: Late September - November

Shanghai City, where the Site of the 1st Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is located, has generally mild winters and hot humid summers. September to November is the best time to visit the place when days are generally quite pleasant. When visiting the site and other attractions in Shanghai, take note of national holidays when the city is overcrowded with local and foreign tourists. If visiting during this time, making reservations is a must.

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