Square Tower

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Square Tower in Songjiang, also called Xingshengjiao Tower, is a well preserved historical garden combining Modern and traditional Chinese garden styles. It has existed over 900 hundred years since it was founded in Xining Period of the Northern Song Dynasty(1068~1094). Square Tower is 48.5 meters high with 9 storeys.

The site was the busy center of Guhuating in Tang and Song Dynasties and a great concentration of ancient scholars. Most parts of the original tower are well preserved. The old declining tower was renovated from the year 1975 to 1977. It became one of the national key historical relics to protect in 1996.

Tips: The ticket to climb the Square Tower is 5 CNY which can bring a bird's eye view of the whole garden. However, only five floors of the tower are open to the public now.

Screen Wall in Square Tower

The Screen Wall was built in front of the gate of the Town God Temple in Songjiang in Ming Dynasty. However, the Town God Temple was destroyed during the period of Anti-Japanese War. The Screen Wall near the Square Tower is 4.75 meters high and 6.1 meters wide.

There is a huge sculpture consisted of a big monster, a deer’s horns, a lion’s tail, an Ox’s hoofs, etc. It is said that the monster named greed ate everything it met. One day, when the monster saw the sun on the sea and attempted to swallow the sun, in the end it was drown in the sea.

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It is located at No.1 Square Tower South Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

How to Get There?

1. Line Song-hu, Line Hu-song and tourist line 

2. Passengers can take Metro 8 Line and transfer to Metro 9 Line to Songjiang New City Station. Then No.22 bus in Songjing will bring Passengers to the Square Tower.

Ticket Price:

12 CNY

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

Square Tower is close to Zui Bai Chi Garden in Songjiang District.

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