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Shanghai Transport

Last updated by joyce at 4/24/2017

Shanghai is home to two airports – Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao Shanghai Airport. These places are connected by the beltway and the guest road.

Hongqiao Shanghai Airport

The Hongqiao Shanghai, which is 15 kilometers away from the city, has been the prime airport for flights alighting in Shanghai. It is one of the biggest, with a land area of 82 square kilometers. It has 18 VIP waiting areas and 15 waiting halls. More than 500 aircraft depart and arrive at Honqiao Airport every day. Currently, it has two terminals, which cater to airlines such as Korean Air and Japan Airlines.

Getting to Honqiao

To get to Honqiao, you can take a taxi from the People’s Square. You can also ride a bus 941, 806, 807, 938, and 941 if you’re headed to terminal 1, and the Airport Bus Line 1, 941, 316, 320, Shuniu Line 4 and 9 for terminal 2. You can also take the trains from the subway lines 2 and 10.

Pudong International Airport

Pudong International is 30 kilometers away from the city center. It covers a land space of 40 square kilometers. After undergoing a complete facelift, it is expected that Pudong will be able to cater to more than 36 million passengers and about 300,000 aircraft. Currently, there are 62 domestic stations and 73 international stations that use Pudong International.Getting to Pudong International

Getting to Pudong

To get to Pudong, you can go to Shanghai Maglev Station and ride a train headed to the Pudong Airport Subway Station. You can also ride subway 2 at Long Yang Station, and then subway 3 to get to the Airport Line. You can also take a taxi from the Long Yuan road. Another method is to ride any of the 10 bus lines, which have terminals at Pudong International.

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