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Floating on Danjiang River

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

It is said that Danjiang got its name from a kind fish, Dan Fish, which is said the more who own the longer who live. Danjiang Drifting began at June 1st, 1991, which is the earliest drift project in northwestern China. There are three parts of the whole drifting process. Two in Danfeng County: the up part starts from Erlang God Temple, ends at Boat Tong Hall, totally 15 kilometers long. The down part start from the Boat Tong Hall and get on the boat from Xu xiake Boarding Place, ends at Moon Sun Beach, totally 7.5 kilometers long and you need one and half hours to finish the whole process. The third part exits in Shangnan County, starts from Xianghe Town, ends at Moon Bay, totally 17 kilometers long.

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How to Get There?
From Danfeng County to Danjiang, One yuan RMB per one.

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1.Accommodation: you can go travel around Danjiang River during the daytime and accommodate at Shangluo. There are lots of hotels and inns around Center Square. The hotels can be divided into two ranges: hotels with stars rank from RMB 40 to 180 yuan (standard room with air conditioner); some inns are very clean and nice but only RMB 40 yuan per room (standard room with air conditioner). Sometimes you can bargain with the hotels if you want to stay longer. 2.There are lots of attractions in Shangluo, if you had lots of time you could also go to Dayun temple, Mt. East Dragon Ruins, Lotus Lake Park, and Mt. Laojun. 3.Best time for travel: Summer

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