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Monument to Choppig Serpent

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Monument to Choppig Serpent is located in the southern of Manftang Mountain of Yongcheng City. It faces mountains in the south, west, and north sides. In remote antiquity, once Emperor Gao Liu Bang of Western Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD) was the leader who conducted others to build tomb for Qin Shi huang. One night, someone told him that there was a serpent in the road and blocked their way, unconscious because of drunken, he chopped the serpent into two parts. Later, when he ascended the throng and became the first king of Han Dynasty, some built a tablet here as a memorial. Every year, in front of the tablet, a piece of red grass would grow. It is said that this grass is dyed by the blood of the serpent. At night, the tablet would reflect beam, from which you can see the image of Liu Bang, and it becomes a spectacle in Shangqiu. All tourists would exclaim in surprise after viewing it.

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How to Get There?
Take the bus which heads to Mangshan Town from Shangqiu Railway Station

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You need to illuminate Monument to Choppig Serpent by the searchlight on cars in order to see the images of Liu Bang and Lv Hou (Liu’s concubine). Thus, you have to accommodate here for a night if you want to see the spectacle.

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