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Yiyin Tomb

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The major scenic spots in Yiyuan Tomb Yard include Yiyin Hall, Yiyin Madame’s Hall, Goddess Hall, Yiyin Tomb, Yiyin cypresses, and Opera Hall etc.

According to Tongjianwaiji, Yiyin was “born in empty mulberry and died in Nanhao.” As to “empty mulberry,” it was recorded in Lvshichunqiu: One day, the maid named Gu of King Youxin went to pick mulberry leaves and feed silkworms in the mulberry garden at side of the Yihe River. She found a discarded baby in a hole in a mulberry tree when she heard its crying. She took it home and raised it. “He died in Nanhao” means Yiyin was just buried here. At first, Yiyin was a kitchen servant of King Youxin. Later, he was promoted to cooker. Since childhood, Yiyin was clever, diligent, eager to learn, and good at analysis. Finally, he became tutor of the king’s daughter. When worked as a cooker, he noticed people cured their diseases by chewing the leaves or roots of herbal remedies with great difficulties, so he helped them, decocting the remedies in pottery. It is said in traditional Chinese pharmacology: “Yiyin was the first to create decocting remedies in Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1046BC). The treatment is effective, convenient, and can lower the side effects of the remedies.” Since then, it has become a form of drag and put Chinese medicine into wide use up to now. King Tang (the first king of Shang Dynasty) called Yiyin “Yuansheng”, which meant “Yiyin was the noblest and greatest man.”

Not only can you appreciate the ancient culture here, you can also enjoy various exotic trees. Around the Yiyin tomb are more than 180 ancient cypresses planted in Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD) with a history of over 1400 years and the longest diameter is over 3 meters. The cypresses are luxuriant all around the year, tall and dense, leaving people a grand sight. There are also many interesting stories about these ancient trees. Five hundred meters away to the east of Yiyin tomb lay Weizheng’s tomb, prime minister of Tang Dynasty. It is said that when Cheng Yaojin marched here with his army and heard his sworn brother Weizheng was buried here, seeing the big tomb of Yiyin, he mistook it for that of Weizheng and ordered the soldiers to plant cypresses for Weizheng that very night. Learned he had made a mistake, Cheng Yaojin burst into anger, grasping a cypress right in front and trying to pull it out immediately; however, the tree had already rooted deeply. With all his strength, Cheng only rubbed the skin instead of pulling it out. Later, a knot was formed on the tree trunk which is about 1.5 meters from the earth. People call it “arhat cypress.” Other famous cypress include “love cypress”, “five-dragon cypress”, “bird cypress”, “mother-son cypress”, “bold-king cypress” etc. They are in different poses and have lasting appeal. Each has a legend. Four fairs are held annually here. In the lunar year, separately, they are on the 2nd day of the 2nd month, 8th day of the 4th month, 9th of the 9th month, and 1st day of the 12th month. All kinds of folk art performances and frequent business add to the lively atmosphere of the fabulous tourist spot.

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How to Get There?
Go from Shangqiu through Lianyungang-Khorghas (Xinjiang) highway to Liudian (20 kilometers), then go along the provincial route 203 (4 kilometers), through Mairen to the provincial route 325, and go 5 kilometers to Gushu Town. Finally, go 2 kilometers along Yuying Road, you can arrive.

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1. Accommodations: There are many guesthouses like Yucheng Hotel, Xinyuan Hotel, Yuanfeng Guesthouse, Yinyuan Hotel, Dianli Guesthouse, and Yuchen Restaurant. Around 30,000 guests can be accommodated each day. 2. The scenic spot is open to tourists all the day. Buses in Shangqiu City take you right here. There are shuttle buses in Yucheng County. If you take a train, get off at Yiyin Station and walk 3 kilometers, and then you arrive.

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