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Shangqiu Airport for Army and People is under construction.

Construction Company: Shangqiu Hongyu Airport Construction and Investment Ltd. Co.

Address: the north side of the middle of Bayi Road (on the third floor of the office of the City’s Construction Council)

Telephone: 2523005


Shangqiu is the hub of railway transportation in the country. It starts from Lianyungang in the east and extends to the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in the west. The Longhai Railway traverses the city and joins Jingjiu Railway which is the longest artery from north to south in China.

There are four railway stations in Shangqqiu: Shangqiu Railway Station, Western Railway Station of Shangqiu, Northern Railway Station of Shangqiu, and Southern Station of Shangqiu. Shangqiu Railway Station and Western Railway Station of Shangqiu stand on the Longhai Line, and Shangqiu Railway Station is located in the center of the city. You can get to Shangqiu Railway Station by many different bus routines, including buses from No.1 to No.23.

The Southern Railway Station of Shangqiu and the Northern Railway Station of Shangqiu stand on the Jingjiu Line, and they are located in the east suburb. There are five bus routines which can take you there. The Southern Railway Station of Shangqiu is about 10 li from Shangqiu Railway Station. You can take one of the five buses in the city which only costs one Yuan or take taxi which costs 10 Yuan to Shangqiu Railway Station.

The Railway Consultative Telephone: 0370-2992222


The roads in Shangqiu reach every way of the country. The No.105 National Highway starting from Beijing to Zhuhai joins the No.310 National Highway starting from Lianyungang to Horgos here. The Shangkai, Shanghao, Shanghe, Shangji, and Yonghui Highway extend into every county and city in Shangqiu. And the Luo ( Luoyang ) Shang (Shangqiu) Highway has already been put into use.

Shangqiu has two bus stations: the Northern Bus Station and the Long Distance Bus Station. The Northern Bus Station is located in No.31, the Northern Kaixuan Road, Liangyuan District. The Long Distance Bus Station is around the Shangqiu Station.

The Northern Bus Station Consultative Telephone: 0370-2214199

Internal Transportation

In recent years, with the development of economy, the transportation in the city becomes rather convenient. The fee for taking bus is only one Yuan each time. In the city, the starting price of the taxi is four Yuan. If the mileage is over three kilometers, the charge is one Yuan per kilometer.


The Tuohe River and the Huihe River water transport channels are under construction. The water transportation in the Tuohe River starts from the Zhangban Bridge in the Yongcheng City to the provincial border. Ships can carry 300 tons of goods can pass through it. The mileage of the total navigation is 38 kilometers. At the same time, the channels in the Silimiao of the Yongcheng City port and the suburb of the Yongcheng City are under construction.

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