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Former Residence of Mr. Chen Cihong

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Mr. Chen Hongli’s, a famous overseas Chinese, constructed the former residence of Mr. Chen Cihong. This former residence includes houses like Langzhong Di, Shanju Room, Shoukang Li and San Lu and etc. There are 506 rooms in total, covering an area of 25400 square meters. The most representative house is Shanju Room which hadn’t been completed yet even after nearly 50 years’ construction. The architectural style of this building combines the features of the west and the east. The western-style buildings, which are built with the traditional Chinese features, are interspersed by halls and pavilions. The propylaea and crossovers twist and turn inside the building. Up to now, the patterns on the stone carvings and woodcarvings are still exquisite and new. The glazed roof tiles and the clay sculptures are elegant and magnificent. The building is just like a labyrinth, which will make you linger on without any thought of leaving.

This building is praised as the "No. 1 Returned Overseas Chinese Residence of Lingnan" and “the Grand Park in south China”. It is the provincial-level cultural relic preservation site of Guangdong Province. In 2006, it is selected to be one of the eight famous scenic spots in Shantou and people give it an elegant name: Hongyuan Huifeng.

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This spot enjoys convenient transportations. Ancheng arterial highway, which connects to No. 324 national highway, passes through this scenic spot. No.103 touring bus runs from Shantou City to Chen Cihong Former Residence directly.

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