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Mayu Island

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Mayu Island is 650 meters long and 640 meters wide with a total area of 206,000 square meters. Its altitude is about 39 meters and its coastline is about 2.3 kilometers. The strangest thing on the island is that there are two Ma Zu Temples on one island. It is common that the fisherfolks believe in Ma Zu, but it is unusual for one island having two temples. Two temples standing near each other is really an unique scenery of Mayu Island.

The ancient temple on the Northern mountain of Mayu Island was built in Yuan Dynasty when the fisherfolk invited the god from the Ma Zu Temple in Meizhou. This temple was destroyed later and was rebuilt in 1861, the 11th year of the reign of Emperor Xiangfeng in Qing Dynasty. In1928, it was repaired. This Ma Zu Temple is the earliest one on the coastal region of the East Guangdong Province. The ancient temple has a main hall, which is as big as three rooms. In the temple, there are two stelae, which were used when the temple was originally built. For thousands of years, people come to the island and offer sacrifice to Ma Zu Temple. They often bring chickens here and free them, which causes the island full of chickens. So Mayu Island is also called Fangji Mountain.

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Embark the boat from Shantou urban plaza. After half-hour sail southeasterly, you can get to Mayu Island.

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