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Queshi Scenic and Historic Interest Area (AAAA Level Attraction)

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Queshi scenic and historic interest area is located to the south of Shantou Port and oversees the northern part of the urban district. The seas on the east, the west and the north surround this place. It is adjacent to the land on the southwest. This scenic area covers an area of 20.77 square kilometers in which the land area is about 13.47 square kilometers and the sea area is 7.3 square kilometers. Queshi scenic and historic interest area is divided into six scenic areas: Xiaoshi Scenic Area, Tasha Scenic Area, Yanfeng Scenic Area, Xianglu Mountain Scenic Area, Bijia Mountain Scenic Area and Su’an Scenic Area. Most scenic spots are centralized in Tashan Scenic Area.

Queshi scenic and historic interest area is full of mountains. There are 43 mountains, big or small, wandering continuously in this area. All these mountains incline a little bit from northeast to southwest. The highest mountain is Xianglu Mountain, which is 198 meters in height.

Queshi scenic and historic interest area belongs to the granite landform. After longtime change and airslaking, the granite forms the ovate stones scattering on the mountaintops, the mountainsides and in the ravines. These stones are famous for their shapes and have become a great attraction in Queshi.

Queshi scenic and historic interest area combines the sceneries of the sea, the mountains, the stones and the caves in great unity. The contents are rich and centralized. Observed from the relationship between each scenic spot and the scenic area, you will find that there are distinct differences between the primary and the secondary. The primary and the secondary set off and echo each other very well.

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By water: the passenger ferry station is located in Guangchang Ferry Station and Xidi Dock. The vehicle ferry station is located in Xidi Shantou Ferry Station. The ferry runs between Queshi and the urban area of Shantou every 15 minutes. The transportation is quite convenient as the voyage only takes you 8 minutes. By land: many highways lead to this scenic spot. Shenshan Highway, No.324 National Highway, Guangshan Highway, No.337 Provincial Highway and Nanbin Road all connect to the surrounding area of Queshi. And there are Haiwan Bridge and Queshi Bridge linking to the urban area.

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Tips: Best touring time: As the temperature is very high in summer, May, June, September and October are the best time for traveling. At that time, the sky is clear with mild breeze. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Queshi scenic spot and experience various kinds of activities. Diet: There are a variety of local restaurants in this scenic area with distinctive features. The major restaurants are Yingchun Tea House, Yingyuan Restaurant, Shiquan Tea House, Taoyuan Restaurant, West Lake Fish Village and Yougu Tea House. In these restaurants, you can have the chance to taste the Cantonese food, Chaoshan delicacy, Shantou snacks and aquatic products of Queshi scenic area. Accommodation: The financial training center inside this scenic area is the former Shilin Villa. In this center, there are supporting facilities like gymnasium, sauna rooms, billiards room, song ballroom and meeting room. There are also tennis court and outdoor swimming pool. The indoor and outdoor environments of this center are perfect. Another place is the Labor Sanatorium. The price is reasonable here and the surrounding is quiet. This is a proper place for ordinary tourists.。

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