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Shantou Agricultural Science Garden

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Shantou Agricultural Science Garden has many honors. It is one of the first batch of demonstration plots of national agricultural tourism, the educational base of popular science of Guangdong Province and the educational base of science and technologies for teenagers of Guangdong Province. The garden covers a total area of 160,000 square meters and 18 ecological parks have been built here. They are Sculptures hall of outstanding people in science and technologies, Exhibition hall of Chaoshan traditional farming implements, Product line of plants’ tissue culture, Garden of fantastic plants, Shade plants garden, Tropic plants garden, Bearing garden of peanuts, Birds heaven, Palm garden, Baicao garden, Seashells hall, Sample room of butterflies, China fish-fight hall, Demonstration plot of Moth orchid and Water plants zone. Additionally, there are supporting equipments like multimedia rooms, laboratory of plants “clone” and practical fields. Here is an ideal place as an educational base of science and technologies for teenagers. Besides, here is also a great place for fun and leisure as there are sports field, children fairyland, barbecue garden, whiffing area, congou teahouses and restaurants.

Garden of fantastic plants

This garden is a modern agricultural hothouse, which covers 2000 square meters. There are over one hundred kinds of fantastic fruits and rare flowers being tank farmed in this garden. There are lots of species of pumpkins which vie with each other for glamour, such as Heshou Melon, Fugua Melon, Feidie Melon, Shegua Melon, Laoshugua Melon, Longfengpiao Melon, Changbing Melon and Jintongyunv Melon. There is Kangua Melon that can bring back to life after chopping to dead. There is Titanic Pumpkin, which is 100 kilograms weigh with a diameter of nearly one meter.

Demonstration plot of Moth orchid

The plot is composed of three groups of large modern agricultural hothouses. The inner temperature and humidity are self-regulated by computers. It's like spring all the year round and the flowers here are colorful and vivid. In the hothouses, there are mainly various Moth orchids, Orchids cattleya, Dance orchid and Orchid herba dendrobii. Through visiting the hothouses, you could get to know the orchids about their breeding, growing and the administration of florescence. And you could also know the cultivation technology and the secrets of tank farming. All these knowledge will help you appreciate the fabulous sea of the orchids and uncover the mysterious veil of the orchids.

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No.4, No.7, No.13, No.28 and No.102 bus will

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8:00- 18:00

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