Zhongxin Golf Seashore Resort

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Zhongxin Golf Seashore Resort in Shantou covers an area of 1,245,333 square kilometers. It is designed to be an international golf court with 27 holes which accords with the standard of USGA. The court was built according to the shape of the mountain and the unique scenery of Futou Mountain show its beauty better. The golf paths are designed from the easy ones to the difficult ones, which gather universality, challenge and competition in a whole.

This resort is far from the noisy city and close to the sea. You hardly see the skyscrapers here; the buildings in this resort are mainly small and exquisite buildings with two or three storeys, which look elaborate and beautiful.  The arrangement of the resort adopts the traditional way of classical Chinese gardens. A natural style of the rurality is embodied in random and freedom. Compared with the congestion and compaction in the downtown area with a lot of skyscrapers, this resort is really a heaven. In summer, the gentle sea breeze expels the heat and fidget for you. In winter, the humid sea climate brings you warmth and fragrance. You can enjoy yourself here at any time of a year.

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Tips: The Chinese restaurant in the seashore holiday village mainly serves Caozhou dishes and Cantonese dishes. Haiyun Bar, on the right-hand of the hall, is a good pace for enjoying tea, drinking and chat. Additionally, you can have self-help barbeque on the beach or near the seawater swimming pool. You will enjoy the happiness and satisfaction of autarky.

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