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Hailufeng Drama Makeup Display Tourist Zone

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

Shanwei City has long been honored as the hometown of Chinese drama and Zhengzi Drama, West Qin Drama and Baizi Opera, three rare opera kinds all over the country, belong to Haifeng County and Lufeng County. These dramas are profound in artistic flavor and long in history. Hailufeng drama makeup mainly refers to the makeup of Military Drama (today’s Zhengzi Drama) in early days of Ming Dynasty. With the employment of relatively less colors, gruff lines, simple pictures and emphasis on the strength and bright vision, it looks simpler and less sophisticated than modern Beijing Opera makeup. It includes mainly five categories: red face, black face, white face, blue face and three-tile make up. Generally speaking, Red Face Makeup represents faithfulness and courage, Black Face Makeup represents righteousness while White Face Makeup is for the characters of duplicity. There are rules about the relationship between the character and the makeup. Zhengzi Drama Makeup is the main content in the display garden and there are also some makeup of West Qin Drama and Baizi Opera.  

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