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Shanwei Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/8

Shanwei Overview

Shanwei used to be named as “Shanmei” and it is so named as “shan” refers to the higher place of the beach while this place is famous for its beautiful seashore scenery. Later, as “mei” and “wei” has partial tone, it was renamed as “Shanwei”.

With an area of 5,271 square meters, and a coastal line of 302 kilometers, it has altogether 11 trading ports, distributing from east to west as the following: Jiazi, Heshi, Wukan, Zheliang, Shanwei, Houmen and so on. It has a population of 2,130,000, including 300,000 people from 21 minority, mainly of She minority, Chuang minority and Tong minority. In addition, the number of oversea Chinese and people from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwuan in Shanwei almost reaches one billion.

Shanwei Tourism

Shanwei City is a place endowed with green mountains and clear waters, charming and gentle scenery. Thanks to the wonderful creation of the nature and the resplendent civilization created by the forefathers, there is a variety of “divinity, sea, sand and stone”, uniqueness of “lake, island, gulf and cape”, diversity in terms of “apex, spring, cliff and cavity”. All these form a characterized tourist resource with the historic sites and the revolutionary cultural relics bringing the best out of each other. The wave obstructing peninsula of the Red Sea Gulf well known for its ramp beach, calm tide and clean water, the Ancestor Temple with hearty burning incense on the Phoenix Mountain, the Lotus Flower Mountain with green ridges and peaks and surrounded by the waters, “Strong Emperor Assert” where the Emperor of Late Song Dynasty and his officials resided when they escaped to the south, all of which are endowed with scenery worthy of being appraised and history worthy of aftertaste. Among all these, the most famous is the Xuanwu Mountain - Kwan-yin Hill Seashore Tourist District in the range of Lufeng County. With its charm of the combination of “divinity, sea, sand and stone”, it attracts about five hundred thousand tourists domestic and abroad annually.

District Telephone Code: 0660
Post Code: 516600
Regionalization: It governs or is mandated to govern one city (Lufeng City), two counties (Haifeng County and Luhe County), and three areas (urban district, Honghaiwuan economic developmental and experimental area, oversea Chinese precinct). The city government office is located in the urban area of Shanwei City.
Tourists Complaint Call: 0660-3364163