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Ancient Passage of Meiguan Pass

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

The Ancient Passage of Meiguan Pass was first put into use in Qin and Han dynasty, and was one of the five key traffic passages connecting Lingnan with other places in ancient time. The current Ancient Passage of Meiguan Pass is paved with cobblestones and about eight kilometers long.

Meiguan used to be a pass at the bordering part of Guangdong and Anhui Province as early as in Qin dynasty. It is one of the most important passes in Nanling. The tower on the pass was first built in North Song dynasty; there is inscription— Nanyue Great Pass on its south-door tablet and First Pass in Lingnan on the top of its north-door tablet. It is in Meiguan Pass that Chenyi, a great general of the Communist Party of China in modern history, organized three years’ Guerrilla Revaluation during the second Revolutionary Civil War, and created the famous poem Three Chapters on Meiling. The sites of revolutionary activities have been developed as scenic spots. The best time to visit the Ancient Passage of Meiguan Pass and appreciate the fantastic scenery of Guangdong and Anhui Province is in severe winter when the plum blossoms are in full bloom. 

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Tourists can take the Beijing-Zhuhai Highway from Guangzhou and get off at the exit of South Shaoguan. Take Number 323 National Highway in Shaoguan City to Nanxiong County, and travel another 21 kilometers to the destination.

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Opening Hours: All day Long

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During Spring Festival and New Year’s Day plum blossoms all over the mountain will be in full bloom.

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