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Golden Rooster Ridge

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Golden Rooster Ridge is featured by Danxia Landform. It boasts rare and extraordinary scenery with valleys and cliffs. There stands the famous “Rooster Rock” (a rock in the shape of a rooster), which is composed of three round rocks as the tail, the head and the body of the “Rock Rooster” respectively. The main attractions in the scenic spot include Wangu Golden City, Eagle Rock, Lion Rock, Rock Window, Cousin Rock, Cockle Stairs, Wangfu Tower, Camel Peak and Hedgehog Rock, etc. In the period of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864) in Chinese history, the daughter of Hong Xiuquan (the then emperor), named Hong Xuanjiao, once stationed in the ridge with 2000 female soldiers. The ruins of Maidan, Hay and Grain storage, Position-granting Tower, Rehearsal Inspection Tower, Chunmi Rock and Weapon Rock are still retained intact. The story of Hong Xuanjiao was carved on the 100-meter long Weapon Rock in the form of 16 groups of stone sculpture. On a steep cliff of another valley there is a stone sculpture made according to three classic Chinese fairy tales.

Golden Rooster Ridge is an ancient garrison with military importance between the current Hunan and Guangdong Province. There are many scenic attractions, such as the large scale stone sculpture “China Spirit”, the Yizi Peak of 150-meter high and 400-meter long, the Golden Rooster Morning Call Rock at Chaoyang Pavilion (the highest place of Golden Rooster Ridge), the five-meter long Lying Maitreya, the beautiful and bright screen of stonewalling in various shapes, etc. In a word, Golden Rooster Ridge boasts the fantastic scenery which combines the steepness of Huashan Mountain, the rareness of Huangshan Mountain and the elegance of Ermei Mountain just in one.

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You can take the “Dayaoshan” train (a tour train traveling from Feshan City to Pingshi County) in Guangzhou, arrive at Pingshi County of Lechang City—the last station in North Guangdong, and finally reach the famous scenic spot in North Guangdong—Golden Rooster Ridge.

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