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Nine Torrents and Eighteen Shoals

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/23

“Torrent”, which is pronounced “Long” in Chinese, refers to the narrow and long channel section with sudden fall; “Current”, pronounced as “Tan” in Chinese, means where the river bottom is broad and the water runs rapidly. When drifting in the river, the hovercraft is sometimes hold high by the rushing waves and suddenly flung down, leaving you with a deep impression. However, drifting by hovercraft in the river is exciting but safe, different from the professional drifting and dangerous exploration activities. There have been no record of accidents in Nine Torrents and Eighteen Shoals since it was first developed in 1987. Drifting in the scenic spot is a good choice for both young men and senior citizens.

What are the Eighteen Shoals?

They refer to Qieyu Shoal, Sanceng Shoal, Monk Shoal, Baiji Shoal, Xinqin Shoal, Libi Shoal, Qimen Shoal, Little Shoal, Suoyi Shoal, Quezi Shoal, Dachang Shoal, Huashi Shoal, Shiban Shoal, Chonghua Shoal, Ma Shoal, Hu Shoal, Bopi Shoal and Zhang Shoal.

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How to Get There?
Both bus and train are available from Shaoguan City to Pingshi County. Tourists who want to travel by hovercraft are suggested to start from Pingshi County and in three hours arrive at Lechang City where you can visit scenic spots like Gufu Rock by a tour bus.

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Opening Hours:
Opening Hours: All Day Long

More Tips:
Tourists are suggested to package your camera well during drifting because you would probably get wet by river water.

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