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Zhuji Alley

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Zhuji Alley is reputed as the 700-year-old Ancient village of Mulberry. Zhuji people have a remote origin. There used to be families with 153 different roots. The migration waves in modern history have sent thousands of descendents of Zhuji people to the Pear River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and the other side of Pacific Ocean. 

As the only ancient alley retained from Song dynasty, Zhuji Alley is characterized by a series of cultural and historical relics from different dynasties, such as ancient towers, pagodas and banyans, as well as some ruins of ancient constructions. Now there are over 320 families with over 20 different roots living in the alley with the unique folkway of their own.

Going across the gate at the center of the alley and taking the road to north, you would appreciate the pagodas and ancient banyans. The style and feature of Zhuji County would be quickly figured out as soon as you ascend Zhuji Tower and take an overlook. There is pagoda named “Hufei Pagoda”. It is said that the pagoda is built for memorizing a concubine called Hufei in South Song dynasty who risked her life to save the local villagers.

Zhuji Alley is 1500 meters long and three to four meters wide. It starts from Sima Bridge to Phoenix Bridge with the ancient Passage running across it. The road in Zhuji Alley is paved by cobblestones. Inside the alley also lie three turrets built in Qing dynasty, namely, the South Turret, the Middle Turret and he North Turret.

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1.By Bike: Tourists can first take the Beijing-Zhuhai Highway in Guangzhou until you reach Shaoguan City, cover 90 kilometers to Nanxiong City, and then move north nine kilometers until you reach Zhuji Alley. It will take you over nine hours on bicycle. 2.By Autobus: You can first take an autobus from the Provincial Bus Station to Shaoguan; there is another two-hour trip from Shaoguan to Nanxiong by bus. Tourists can also directly take a bus from the Provincial Bus Station to Nanxiong City and then get on a bus for Zhuji Alley; the whole route will take you over five hours. 3.By Train: Tourists can first take a train from Guangzhou Railway Station and arrive at Shaoguan in two hours; take an autobus to Nanxiong and then change a bus to Zhuji Alley in Zhuji County. You have to spend over five hours on the whole trip from Guangzhou to your destination.

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