Ancestral Hall of the Mao Family

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Ancestral Hall of the Mao Family, an overall ancestral hall of the Mao family in Shaoshan, began to be built in 1758 and was completed in 1763, with a building area of about 700 square meters. It is built with grey brick and timbers. Four Chinese characters “the Mao’s Ancestral Hall” are inscribed on the top of the gate, and there is one stone drum on each side outside the gate. According to the spatial order, the ancestral hall consists of a theatrical stage, a central hall and a Tunpen Hall. The theatrical stage hall, which can accommodates about 10 performers simultaneously, is composed of a stage in the middle and two tiring-rooms on both sides. The central hall, with a hanging bell on the right corridor and a hanging drum on the left, is the venue where all family members make an appointment, handle business, make sacrifice and give a banquet. The Tunpen Hall is where the family members place the memorial tablets of their ancestors, and the hospice is on the left and the collection area for gathering sacrificial utensils and money is on the right.

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