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Mount Lang

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Mount Lang covers an area of about 100 square meters. Endowed with more than 60 scenic spots, it is spectacular and dramatic with stone forest group, complicated limestone caves, mysterious gorges and Fuyi River.

In Mount Lang Scenic Spot, there are three natural bridges, 10 chasms, 8 rivers and brooks, 20-odd grand gorges, as well as many flowers, grasses, animals and birds. In general, in the 100 square Danxia landform, there are five big scenic spots, including Zixiadong, Mount Camel, Eight- Mountains , Xiabanshan, Fuyi River.

Zixiadong Scenic Spot: including 11 scenic spots such as Yuquan Temple, Wangjing Trough, Immortal’s Cave and Hongwa Hill.

Yuquan Temple was Buddhist sacred place of southwest Hunan. Near the temple, there is the tomb of the first Buddhist monk. From Yuquan Temple to Bazi Door, there is a stone corridor of 33 meters, divided into two layers, among which, Wangjing Trough is divided into three layers with characteristics. Immortal’s Cave is located in Niubi Village Gorge, with a depth of 200 meters and unique structure. It is deep and grand. The cliff of Hongwa Hill is 700 meters long and 100 meters wide, with dense caves in the cliff. Zixiadong is a deep and curved gorge, covering an area of 100 mu. Surrounded with brown cliff, it reflects thousands of rays of evening sunshine, so it gets name. According to legend, immortal Zixia studied here. There is a Lotus Pool, which is very clear, not dried even after drouth.

Mount Camel Scenic Spot: there are 13 scenic spots such as Chasm, Ghost Cave, Candle Peek, etc.

Mount Camel consists of four big stone hills, looking like a huge camel is looking for its companions. Looking from distance, it has a clear outline, with body, head and tail. In the beginning of Qin Dynasty, Yang Fakui fought against Qing Government and was ordered circularly to be arrested by the government. He hid here to avoid arrestment. There still exist the 99 stairs cut by him. His image and the stone mill are still at the peak. This hill is the peak of Mount Lang scenic spot. Of the southeast side, from the foot to the peak, it is so flat as if it has been cut by ghost axe, which can be called “the heaven stele without a word”.

Qianfo Peak domineers over high in the sky. One can climb the peak and look into the distance, enjoying the beautiful sceneries around. “The first chasm of China” is located at Niubi Village. The chasm on the cliff is about 230 meters long, 0.8 meters wide. Nearby, there are Circular Stone Chasm and Immortal’s Chasm. Peripateticism Pool is surrounded by hills and gorges, covering an area of about 2 mu. There is a natural stone platform in the pool, looking like a fishing pier. Of Foding Hill, a waterfall fell down 30 meters high from the slot of the gorges. It reflects evening sunshine like rainbows, so it is called “chain with seven colors”. The immortal’s capsicum stands 180 meters high in the Chasm Gorges, looking like a gigantic capsicum.

In the join of Peak Camel and Peak Candle, there is a slot one meter long, 50 meters wide and one meter high, with a sideslip angle of 40 degrees, looking like a huge dragon stretching to the east. When the morning sunshine goes into the hole, it is very beautiful with a lot of changes. The overbridge is one meter long, 7.6 meters wide, 11 meters tall, the thickest part of the bridge is 7 meters and the thinnest is one meter, looking like carved and built by human. It is the number one overbridge of the Danxia landform of China.

Eight-Angle Mountains Scenic Spot: the highest peak is Yuntai Hill, near Guangxi Province

Eight hills stand high in the sky, called “eight dragon heads” by people. The highest peak is Mount Yuntai. At the outlook point of Mount Yuntai, one can see there are mountains at northwest and southwest, looking like a group of whales are playing in the ocean, while at northeast, there are Fuyi River, looking like a group of primitive castles and courtyards.

The steepest  of Eight-Angle Mountains looks like a horn, called “Dragon Horn Fragrance”. All the year round, there penetrate cloud and mist, roars the wind. It is surrounded by cliffs and cloughs. At the dragon horn, the alley of the ridge is less than 16 centimeters. Those who go there should crawl on their belly. At this dangerous angle, there is a small temple of the God of Mountain. There is another dangerous angle called “Self-sacrifice Cliff”. On the southwest side of Eight-angle Mountains is a group of gorges, totaling 100-odd. Between the dense forest of rocks, there are green trees and clean rivers.

Fuyi River

There are seven scenic spots such as “the Stone of General”, “Beautiful Lady Doing up Her Hair”. The Stone of General stands on the bank of Fuyi River. This was originally one of the eight scenic spots of Xinning, called “Scepter towards Heaven”

Boating on Fuyi River, one can enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the river, with peaks, rocks, mist, cloud and bamboos, like a landscape corridor. 

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