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Shunhuang Mountain Forest Park

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The highest peak of Shunhuang Mountain is 1882.4 meters high. It is adjusted to typical sub-tropical mountainous region climate. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, with humid air. Due to the special entironment, it was the refuge for animals and plants during the great glacier calamity 400 million years ago. There are 42 kinds of trees under national protection, such as incense tree, Tetracentron sinense, allspice tree, Tapiscia sinensis, fir, hemlock, yew, beech tree and five-needle pine group which are very rare in the south.

There are also various kinds of animals here, among which 38 sorts are under national protection, such as south China tiger, red-faced macaque, Viverra zibetha, clouded leopard, black bear. There are also forest frogs with horns and strange fuzzy animals which can fly. Shunhuang Mountain is called “treasury of living fossil”, “biological gene pool”.

After the forest park is established, it is divided into three big scenery areas, including 120 spots. There is also the site of ancient temple memorizing Emperor Shun hunting here. There is an ancient route through which lychees were sent from Lingnan area to Beijing as intribute.  

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