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Here, there are lake surrounded by lake and mountain surrounded by mountain. Tianmen Hill has an altitude of 457 meters. There are many precious trees and all kinds of wild animals. Epo Hill is lofty and cragged. At the peak of Epo Hill, one can enjoy the sceneries of the dozens of hills nearby. Lion Hill looks like a lying lion.

Here, there are also cultural spots. There is Dongshan Academy, where Mao Zedong, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng, Xiao San had studied. There are also Memorial Hall of Cai He and Confucian Temple of Hunan, Taokang School, the former residence of Jiang Wan, a famous official in Three Kingdoms Period, the former residence of general Song Xilian, and the former residence of Zeng Guopan, the famous official in Qing Dynasty. There are Yunmen Temple, Tianlai Temple and Shuifu Temple. There is Xinbianggang, an ancient town booming in 18th century. There is also the ancient kiln of Southern Song Dynasty, which is under provincial protection.

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