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Shaoyang Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/10

Shaoyang Overview

Shaoyang is located at the southwest of the center of Hunan Province. Originally named Baoqing, it has a long history. Its city sites can be traced back to 2500 years ago in Spring and Autumn Period. Being a busy traffic main drag, it has been an important city since ancient times.

There are “Baoqing Twelve Scenic Spots” located around the city zone like a ring, at the reaches of Zi River. Combining the beauty of manpower and nature, it has Shuangqing Park, Shuifumiao Garden, Dongta Park, as well as the beauty of the two rivers, towels and four bridges. There are also Mount Ji, Mount Wugangyun.

Shaoyang has not only beautiful sceneries, but also a lot of talents, such as famous literator Zeng Wen in Tang Dynasty, famous scholar Wei Yuan in Qing Dynasty.

Area Code: 0739

Post Code: 422000

Area: 20,000 square kilometers

Population: 7 million

Areas under jurisdiction: Wugang City, Shaoyang County, Xinshao County, Longhui County, Dongkou County, Xinning County, Suining County, Chengbu County, Shaodong County, Shuangqing Area, Daxiang Area, Beita Area