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Natural Museum of Shennongjia

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In the first floor of museum, it treasures more than 2000 kinds of plant exemplar which are in total more than 12,000 pieces, such as dove tree, gingkgo and so on. Which together show three unique features of the plants in Shennongjia: her long history, richness and complexity. And they form a unique gene bank. More than 60 kinds of remain species, such as dove tree, gingkgo, jambolan, and Cephalotaxus oliveri, are named living fossil. There are also rare medicine herds which widen your horizon , such as Tou ding yi ke zhu, Wen wang yi zhi bi, Jiang bian yi wan shui, Qi ye yi zhi hua and so on.

 There are more than 400 types of animal exemplar, in total more than 1,000 pieces on the second floor. They are arranged according to the oreder, like Aves, beasts, fim, and insecta. The most attractive is the exemplar of albino animal and that of Golden Monkey which are the important animals under the protection of our country. The exemplar museum is also called’ biology sanctuary of living creatures’ and is the epitome of the rare animals and plants in Shennongjia.

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By renting vehicle

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8: 00---17:00

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Recommended visiting duration: Two hours

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