Shennong Altar

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Shennong Altar is the southern entry for visitors. Xiangxi River flows to south from the area. The mountains embrace each other in the whole attractions which make this area pretty and quite.

The area is divided into five parts including the main fete area, ancient plant garden, fir of thousand years, butterfly exemplar museum and Musical Chime Bell Performance Hall. The main architecture is the large statue of Shennong with ox’s head, which is 21 meters in height, 35 meters in width. The statute of Shennongshi closes his eyes, standing in the verdant serial mountains and taking the land as his body as if he is thinking about the mysteries in the universe. In the fete area, the patterns of rotundity and squareness under the foot respectively stand for sky and land. In the squareness pattern, the five colors respectively refer to five elements in the earth of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The special tourism item of Shennong Altar is local campfire evening party, during which there are programs, such as the performance of forerunner hunting, wedding ceremony and double-stick dance. The local young man and woman sing ballad with each other. Of course, you can taste barbecue. In the party, local young girls invite you to drink Shennong yellow wine and teach you to sing folk songs. The joy is boundless.

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By renting vehicle

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8: 00---17:00

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Recommended visiting duration: half a day

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