Shennong Peak

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The altitude of summits in Shengnong Peak Attractions is over 3000 meters. And it is also called ‘the fastigium of Central China’. It is a forest ecotourism area, taking the scene of green Subalpine, the diversiform type of animal and plant, and the harmony between humans and nature as her theme.

Scenery Ya

It is also named Badong Ya, which is located in the western part of main Shennongjia peak. The highest point, about 2950 meters in altitude, is named as the first peak of Shengnongjia 

The scene here is famous for her queer peaks and elegant valleys. Standing at the narrow mountain pass and looking around, you could enjoy the winding mountains and a wonderful and mighty panorama.

Tips: Firstly visit the Swallow Ya and the Swallow hole, then go thgough from Red Level Ground Gallery to the Scenery Ya, and will not miss the scenes here.

Shennong Peak

 Shennong Peak, about 2 square kilometer, 3015.4 meters in altitude, is worthy of the name ‘the first peak of Central China’. There is fog in the whole year on Shennong Peak. On the mountainside, it grows separately the forest zone of bamboo arrow, Abies, and Alpine Rhododendron.

Partition Rock

Partition rock, about 5 kilometers east of sightseeing tower, is well-known as a place of stone forest and a place where the so called ‘uncivilized man’ appears. The bamboo arrow forest covering the whole partition rock is a natural barrier. It is said that the uncivilized men often appear in the area. The traces of them, such as hair, dejecta and bamboo nest are often discovered here. According to the scientific study, the ceil structure of hair is superior to primate animals.

In the bamboo arrow forest, all kinds of strange rocks with different shapes are found. The most attractive one is a huge stone on the North Slope, which looks like son and mother embracing together and also like the lovers whispering to each other. Painters and photographers often stay here for several hours to do their creation.


There are intense forests in partition rock.Visitors easily lose their way once not following the routine because of the strange rocks and blurred paths. Please be careful. 

Six Gorges

On the Guanmen River, Six Gorges refer to Longtan gorge, Changtan gorge, Toudao gorge, Yinchen gorge, Zhucao gorge and Xiaolong gorge. Guanmen River, originating from Great shennongjia and going through Shengnong Peak, Scenery Ya, Golden Monkey Ridge, Laojun Mountain from west to east, is the main river in Shennongjia.

The available drift distance in Six Gorges is 18.6 kilometers, during which there are more than fifty big or small shoals. The drift in Six Gorges is interesting because of the sharp cliff both sides, the verdant vegetation and the special local customs. A local saying is that the Three Small Gorges is more attractive than the Great Three Gorges and the Shennongjia is more attractive than the Three Small Gorges. It is reasonable.

 Ticket: 120 Yuan for drift in Six Gorges.

Golden Monkey Ridge

The Golden Monkey Ridge is about 3019 meters in altitude and 5 square kilometer in acreage. In this attraction area, there are ponderosa pine, Armand's Pine, and animals such as macaque.  The area, with flat topography, fertile earth, rich rain fall and flowing waterfall, is one of the better preserved primitive forest in Shennongjia. The Golden Monkey which is listed as one of national first-class protection animal lives here and therefore attracts many experts to make research. The mountain becomes a rare protection zone for Golden Monkey and Snow Bear. While enjoy the scene, you might be lucky enough to discern the true features and colors of Golden Monkey.

Xiaolongtan Station

 Xiaolongtan Station is a basic station for team to observe ‘uncivilized man’ in Shennongjia. It is also a main observation set station for Golden Monkey and a first-aid station for wild animals.

In the station, there is an exhibition room, which shows the map of the distribution of ‘uncivilized man’, photos taken by eyewitness, the hair, dejecta, and foot points of ‘uncivilized man’, and the analysis and appraisal for the sample above by Chinese Academy of Science. There is also a photo show about scenery of Shennongjia in total of 500 pieces. Among them, there is a group of pictures completely showing the Golden Monkey’s living habits.

Laojun Mountain

Laojun Mountain, located in northeast of Shennongjia’s main peak, is named from a legend that the Most High (Tai Shang Lao Jun, a supernatural of chinese fame) often made pills of immortality here. Each winter, the peak is covered by ice and snow. The cloud winds through mountainside, like an immortal old man with leucotrichia sitting in the cloud. Firstly climb up to the top of mountain; look at the east and you will see thousands miles of open area that seems no boundary; to the west, the serial mountain peaks extends to Bashu (it was the shortened form of Sichuang Province and Chongqing City in ancient times); to the south, the billowing Yantze River is like a swimming silver snake; to the north, boundless forest seems to be extending to the sky. So, there is a saying that the perilous cliff with thousands of meters pronate at Bule Ocean. It is obvious that the area is perilous, majestic, marvelous and mysterious. 

 Sightseeing Tower

Sightseeing Tower, about 40 meters in height, located on the Wangnong Pavilion. It is the correspondingly facility for guarding against fire in forest and controlling plant diseases and insect pests. It was founded on October 1, 1985. The hair, trace, nest and dejecta of ‘uncivilized man’ are often discovered. The trace is 24.5 cm and footstep is 2.68 meters.

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