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Shennongjia Food

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Shennongjia Featured Food:

Preserved Ham

There are many kinds of preserved ham, such as preserved pork, preserved beef, preserved intestine, preserved chop, preserved hoof and so on. They are the essential cate for local people to celebrate Spring Festival Bake and cook pork skin, then mix with garlic, capsicum when eat; it is also cooked into chaffy dish with a little moody flavor. The well preserved ham could be kept for several years and not off flavor.

In the farmhouse, host entertain honored guest with preserved ham. The degree of enthusiasm depends on the time that the preserved ham is kept. The longer the preserved is kept the more enthusiasm the host is.

Lazy Bean Curd

Grind soybeans which have been soaked in water; add the shredded greengrocery leaves, and then boil it on a slow fire until it is done. Though the dish is easily made, it is rich in nutrition and is fresh. It is also homely food of local persons. The name of the dish comes from a legend that when a lazy woman made bean curd, she only ground the soybean and didn’t filter bean dregs, and then directly added the minced greengrocery. After it had been done, it was fresh and delicious. Therefore, the kind of cooking was handed down and was named ‘Lazy Bean Curd’.

Corn Wine

The local adults and children, in some way, all drink it to keep warm. In Shennongjia, Corn wine made in farm house is sweet and well-known. It takes corn produced by them as material which sometimes is mixed a little honey. Some corn wine, mixed with rare medicine herds, such as wild gastrodia, Toudingyikezhu, is pickled into medicinal liquor, which can not only keep out cold but also cures diseases The degree of corn wine is high and most is above 50 degree.

Series Potherb

Pile crown, wild leek, Sweet Wormwood Herb, wild brake, wild agarics, and wild mushroom. All of them are healthy with fresh sweet-smelling.

Pickled Vegetable

Put the fresh cabbages and Chinese cabbages into jar, and then add pickle for marinating in closing down condition. Three or four days later, vegetable is marinated into sour and could be eaten immediately. Pickled vegetable also could be cooked with all kinds of meat, such as beef tripe, mutton, which promote secretion when eaten, and is a suitable and delicious dish that goes with drink.