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Baiqingzhai Ski Resort

Last updated by joyce at 2015/11/4

Baiqingzhai Ski Resort is located in Baiqingzhai Scenic Area in Sujiatun district of Shenyang City, about 40 kilometers from downtown city, enjoying beautiful environment. Baiqingzhai Ski Resort is one of the few ski resorts in China that is capable of holding international-level large-scale skiing competitions.

The ski resort boasts a skiing multifunctional building of European style and 2 apartments for athletes, and there are meeting rooms, multifunctional classrooms, gyms, mess hall and guest rooms of various levels, with the building area of over 5,000 square meters. As Baiqingzhai Ski Resort enjoys north temperate continental monsoon climate, the whole resort boasts abundant sunshine, which is quite comfortable. In the ski resort, the whole skiing trial covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, and there is a skiing area for freestyle skiing, an alpine skiing area for the public, a recreation area on snowfield and a game area on ice.

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