Bronze Dagger Tomb in Zhengjiawazi Village

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The Zhangjiawazi Village was all over the national media in 1985, when 27 bronze wares, including a valuable bronze sword were unearthed in the northern part of the village. In consequent years, more ancient tombs were excavated and a large number of cultural relics were unearthed. In 1962 and 1965, a second bronze sword was dug out and 14 other tombs were discovered near the 1958 excavation spot.

The largest tomb is 5-meter long and 3-meter wide, inside which there were 797 items including weaponry, ornaments, tools, decorations and harness buried. The items were made from 42 different materials such as bronze, pottery, stone and bone etcetera. Judging from its historical location and the abundant items buried with the dead, the master of the tomb should be an official of Yan State in ancient China.

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5 kilometers away from Shenyang South Station, 3 km. south to Hunhe River.

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You can go there by trolley No.6 from Shenyang station, or by bus No.217 from the north station of Shenyang to Xinle relic.

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