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Honey Lake Resort

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In this resort, there are many items of entertainment on land or water which are imported from foreign countries. These include the large-scale water park that is first-class in Asia. Additionally, there are several luxury hotels and expansive manpower lake. It is an ideal place for people to recreate and relax. 

Honey Lake Resort covers an area of 1870,000 square meters. In the resort, there are over 30 automatic entertaining items, on the water or on land, imported from Japan or Italy. Among them, there are the longest water roller coaster in the world, 430 shuttle planes, the highest Ferris wheel in Asia with the height of 46 meters, antique and novel raft, charming Meteor car, Corsair boat, Thunderclap turntable, Small flying elephant and Octopus. Besides, there are international-level kart race, yacht race on the water, Mongolia hippodrome and unique city cycling. All these items are shocking, exciting and full of infinite aftertaste. There are nearly 50 items of entertaining for children in the Children's funfair and over 20 items of body training in Teenager training camp, and they are all well popular among children and teenagers. The fantastic song-and-dance dramas showed in the elegant and modern opera house inside the resort provide the tourists brand-new enjoyment.

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Transportation: No.101, 301, 215, 213, 228, 223, 456. 414 buses will take you here.

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