Zhongying Street

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Zhongying Street is also known as the Sino-British Street and is a shopper’s paradise. Only those with a permission visa or pass issued by the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen can enter the area.
The boundary tablets of the street were set in the center in 1898. Zhongying Street is today divided in two parts- the British and Chinese. The street is a living relic and a historical place today.

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Zhongying Street has turned from a shopping paradise to a national pride and living relic. This 250 meters street is one of the top destinations in Shenzhen today. Zhongying Street is located in Yantin District in the Shatoujiao Township between the South China Sea and Wutong Mountain. In 1898, stone markers had been placed in the middle of Zhongying Street for marking the border between the British and the Chinese side. Even today half of this street belongs to Hong Kong.


Zhongying Street is popular for being one street with two different systems. It is listed today as one of the top attractions in Shenzhen. While it does have mundane surroundings, Zhongying Street remains culturally and historically important in the dynamic and young atmosphere of the city.
The street was created due to the treaty that was signed in 1898 between United Kingdom and China. Boundary stones are used for dividing this street into the British and Chinese parts. One side had been under the Chinese Sovereignty while the other had been controlled by the British. The official records continue to mark the differences of both sides over the last century.

A Shopping Paradise for All 

Small and large stores are located on both sides of this street and serve as a reminder of the busy marketplace of Hong Kong. During the early 80s and the 90s, Zhongying Street had been a very popular shopping paradise with items such as precious jewelry and gold, imported fruits, shampoo, socks and soaps.
Due to the tax free status of Zhongying Street, visitors could purchase low priced merchandise such as imported appliances and gold jewelry. Other than jewelry, Zhongying Street is also known for cheaper rates for daily necessities and food. While it is not as popular as a shopping street today, it is still home to several stores where visitors can purchase cheaper items. 

Duty Free Products 

Zhongying Street had once been considered to be the best place in China to purchase gold. Businessmen from Hong Kong had taken huge advantage of this market. Even today there are about 50 stores on the street selling various gold items at cheaper rates and with beautiful designs. The affordable prices of duty free items and the refined quality made Zhongying Street a very popular location for travelers. 

The Old Banyan Tree 

Anyone visiting the Zhongying Street will feel the intersection between the Western and Chinese cultures. The inscriptions on the street are bilingual, serving as a reminder of the history of Zhongying Street. One of the biggest attractions on the street is the 110 year old, large banyan tree with its straight trunk and luxurious leaves. The tree is on the Chinese side but has grown over the Hong Kong part of the street, standing as a symbol of the unity of both cultures.

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How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Zhongying Street by taking bus number 512, 430, 425, 364, 360, 358, 205 or 202.

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All Day

More Tips:

Visitors are required to get a privileged passport issued by the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen for CNY 10 in order to visit Zhongying Street.

Foreign travelers of some nationalities enjoy visa-free stay in mainland China, thus they don't need to apply for permit to enter Zhongying Street. Please contact us for more information.