Changji Beihu Lake Park

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In 1985, the government of Shi Hezi City developed a tourist zone, and named it Beihu Lake Park. More than 10,000,000 Yuan has been invested to the construction of the park, long corridors, pavilions, docks, water motors, platform for landing and other facilities have been built, there are many activities in the park, such as swimming, boating, surfing, fishing. There are also other reception facilities, such as restaurants and shops. The water of the lake is very clear, beside the lake, there are winding corridor, pavilions, and weeping willows swaying in breeze. Fishing people are carefree and content, swimmers are enjoying the contentment, there are birds flying in the sky, fish jumping in the water, the park is full of life. In recent years, around 16th, July, “ Beihu Lake Festival” has appeared.

No one knows why the festival is on 16th, July. In fact, people come on this day to celebration is because it was the day when Chairman Mao swam in the Yangtze River, people cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs in this special way, and express their gratitude to the Communist Party and the Country, maybe it is a specific reflection of army reclamation culture. This beautiful land in the desert is the fruit of armymen’s wiseness, this miracle is also the fruit of people’s hard work.

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