Desert Park

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There are many sand dunes and sand waves in the desert, just like a vast expanse of golden sea. Dreaming Camel Bell Slope is a natural botanical garden in the desert. There are plants of 24 tree families, 89 genera and 149 type, such as exuberant populus euphratica oliv, fresh elaeagnus angustifolia L., elegant aristida pennata, valuable rheum palmatum, astragalus membranaceneus, halimodendron halodendron, phoenix tree, willow. Dreaming Camel Bell Slope is also a natural zoo, there are many animals here, such as wild boar, procapra gutturosa, wolf, fox, allactaga sibirica, snake. These animals have settled down in this desert . You can climb sand dune, travel in sea of sand on foot, or ride a camel, you can enjoy desert scenery with sweet-sounding camel bells. There are many interesting programms, such as sand skiing, shooting practice, enjoy the scenery of sunrise and sunset in the desert and campfire party. There are some cultural relics here, such as ancient copper coin, military orders, the historical remains of beacon tower. According to history, in 1865, General A gubo invaded Xinjiang, local people built walls for defensive purpose, Zuo zongtang, a general of Qing Dynasty also came here with his army to help local people. The remains are the evidence of the battle. On the edge of the desert, there is a shelter-forest, which looks like a green great wall, it has the function of protecting the desert, and protecting the farmland from sand. This shelter-forest has been discovered by the satellite of U.S.A, and have raised the attention of U.N, and other experts, who have already come here to do research work . After Miss Tamulakako of Japan visited this park, she said with joy: “ the scenery here is very beautiful, it can rival the Pyramid Tourist Zone of Egypt.

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