Nanshan Resort

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There are many winding roads in the resort, the mountains in the resort are precipitous, trees are exuberant. It is a famous tourism spots in Shi Hezi. According to legend, in the Yuan Dynasty, when Menggu Army went on a punitive expedition in the west, the famous Cheng Jisihan passes here with thousands of army, they saw the top of the mountain covered with snow, a thick fog surrouded the halfway up the mountain, there were sounds of birds and wild animals. Cheng Jisihan was attracted by this charming scenery, at this time, a lama knelt down and asked permission to build a temple here, in order to bless the success of their army. Cheng Jisihan approved, then a temple of oriental style was built here, and that was the Dazi Temple. The temple experienced various vicissitudes, it is already dissapeared, but its name was passed down, the scenery near the temple is still charming as it was. In summer, it is an ideal place to spend summer holidays, it also a pasture with abundant water and grass, fat horses and sheep. It is very cool in summer, just like the weather in autumn, it often rains, the mountains are full of the scent of wild flowers.

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