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People’s Park of Shi Hezi City started to be built in the middle of 1950s, the park is divided into forest area and tourist area.

The southern part of the park is forest area, which is covered with trees, there are rare plants, such as Pinus sylvesris L.var.mongolica Litvin, Piceakorainesis, Juniperberry and other famous and rare trees in the park.. The tourist area covers two thirds of the total area of the park.

On the east side of the north entrance are flower nursery and greenhouse, the variety of the flower reaches more than 600, this park has the most complete variety of flower in Xinjiang.

The zoo is located at the northwest norner of the park, in the zoo, there are monkey district, bear district,birds district and other districts for animals. Peacocks and brown bears come from places where are far away from Xinjiang, but they have stayed here and have already given birth to the new generation, which has become a much-told tale in Xinjiang.

There are man-made lake and midlake island at the north entrance. The water of the lake is quite clear, there are willows beside the lake, people boating in the lake. On the midlake island, there are pavilions with green eaves and red pillars, it resembles the scenery of south of the River. Children’s paradise is an area for children. There are self-controlled planes, flying chairs, bumper cars in this area.

The swimming pool and folk custom villiage attracted many tourists, they have made the tourists so happy as to forget home and duty.

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How to Get There?
there are many buses to People’s Park, you can also take a taxi. In spring, summer and autumn, tricycle is recommended, because going slowly in cool seasons, one could be attracted by the scenery on the roadside.

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because of the special geographic location of Xinjiang, the best time to visite the park is in summer and autumn. In these two seasons, flowers are beginning to blossom, the earth is covered with thick grasses, this oasis of the desert make people sigh with feeling. In the winter, the ground is covered with snow, people play snowball fighting, enjoy snow scenery.

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