Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum

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There is a house on the south of the park at the interjections of Shi Hezi City, that was the former residence of the 22nd regiment. It is called “Tao Shiyue Mansion”. At the end of 1994, the culture office of Shi Hezi adopted it and did repair work, and it became Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum, it was officially opened to the tourists in October, 1995.

The museum covers an area of 460 square meters. The museum is divided into three exhibition halls, the hall on the left side of the entrance is the first exhibition hall, and the theme is “the ancient Shi Hezi”, the unearthed earthenware pots, stoneware, fossil, bronze ware are exhibited in this hall. The fossil of eight-toe horse has a history of 3,000,000 years, it provide a clue for searching the traces of primitive man in Shi Hezi. The discovery of stone arrowhead is a valuable clue for the archaeological studies in Xinjiang. Turn right at the entrance, you’ll see the second exhibition hall, in this hall, you can see the development of reclamation. Hundreds of farming tools, clothes that people wore and articals of everyday use that people used during the reclamation period are exhibited in this hall, it shows the history and development of reclamation, and the process that how Shi Hezi became a modern garden city from a deserted gobi desert . Next to the second hall is the third hall, the theme is “ extending footsteps”, the photo of the soldiers who did reclamation work, and the photo of the leaders of central government are exhibited in this hall the photos were taken when they visited Shi Hezi to inspect the reclamation work, the number of the photos reach more than 80. Reclamation Museum shows the development of Shi Hezi, especially the cultivation process of the lastest 40 years. From a certain sense, the museum is a miniature of Xinjiang production and Construction Regiment, it is also a window of Xinjiang Reclamation work.

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take bus at the square of Shi Hezi train station, take No.4 bus to the resting square, then go aross the square, then you’ll see the museum.

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