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Fulong Mountain

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In the east, it faces Wudang Mountain, a sacred place for Taoism; in the south, it stands opposite Shennongjia, full of tracks of Yetis. Fulong Mountain is full of power and grandeur, ridges and peaks. It presents a splendid sight of pines, grotesque stones, clouds, mists and rosy clouds.

Sai Wudang Mountain once is called Fulong Mountain. Its main peak is 1,730 meters above sea level, higher than Wudang Mountain, which is the reason why it was named Sai wudang Mountain. With the help of geographic movement and climate, Sai Wudang Mountain formed and preserved its precipitous, steep and elegant scenery. It’s a natural scenic reserve of the province level, whose mountains are magnificent, steep, wild and rivers beautiful and elegant.

The rude rock on the main peak is of gigantic status like a bastion of iron. In the following is the Buddha Pusa Peak, Qingyan Peak, interwinding with each other, like men of great physical prowess. In the east, the Candle Peak like spear or sword pricks the heaven. The rock in the west of the main peak is with a slope between 85-90 degrees. Meanwhile, the average vertical height of more than ten peaks is as high as 100-700 meters. They are Shutter Rock, the Buddha Peak, Candle Peak etc. There are vast forests, covering an area of more than 144,000 acres, occupying above 90% of the land. It is a showplace of various plants and animals, including rare species of trees such as Tiejian Tree-a living fossil, dove trees, ginkgos, lacebarks etc and such rare animals as bears, river deer, antelopes, giant salamanders, monkeys etc. Sai Wudang is famous for its magnificent and perilous mountains, its diverse rare plants and animals and its beautiful and elegant forests. It is also a fairyland for people who want to return to their original purity and simplicity.

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You first get to Majiahe by No.2, No.9, No.10 or No.59 bus, then transfer to special bus line for tourists at Maxiaolu Crossing.

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Recommended Time for Tourists: one day

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