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Huxiao Beach

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

Huxiao Beach natural scenic spot has a unique strategic position.Hubei-Shannxi road is the only way linking Wudang Mountain, Shiyan City, ancient Xi’an City.It is 65 kilomiles from here to Shiyan City, the Auto. Town, and only 33 kilomiles to the city gate of Yun County.

Huxiao Beach natural scenic spot is surrounded by Qinling Mountain, Wulong Temple and Tianjiang Mountain, starting with mountains, rivers, caves, springs and ending with a waterfall. The scenery is studded with a galaxy of mountains, rivers, springs and cliffs. It’s full of luxurious forests and slender bamboos, endowed with amazing, perilous, enchanting, high and steep, and relaxing features. It reflects the interdependence and harmony between nature and everything in the world. Here, dynamic state enchants with static state. It is as quiet and static as tiger’s cave and dragon’s abyss and as powerful and dynamic as the soaring of dragon and the prancing of tiger. It has a mild climate, distinct seasons with 773 meters of average height above sea level. The average temperature is 13-16º C without large natural disaster so far. Being free from sun-burning and irritation of cold weather, it’s an ideal resort for relaxation throughout the year and escaping from heat in summer.

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You can take a bus from Liuyan Bus Station to Yun County and then take a special bus line to Huxiao Beach.

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Recommended Time for Tourists: half a day

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