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Qinglong Mountain Fossil Group of Dinosaur Eggs

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

Qinglong Mountain, with a land area of four square kilometers, has a long history of 60 million years to about 80 milion years. The fossil group is 12 kilometers west of Yunxian County, and 18 kilometers north of Shiyan city. The fossils of the dinosaur eggs have the following basic characteristics:

Large quantities     There are more than 2000 dinosaur egg fossils and egg pits on the earth’s surface. In the hinterland (over this area dinosaur egg fossils are distributed most widely), Qinglong Mountain, more dinosaur egg fossils are deposited underground within a scale of 60,000 square meters or so.

Shallowly stored     The layers that are rich in eggs have come near to the earth’s surface. Therefore, you can discover some complete dinosaur egg fossils without much effort. The discovery is both beneficial to research and exploitation.

A variety of genres    According to the international report, eight egg departments have been discovered so far. And seven are reported to have been discovered domestically, five of which are found in this area. Moreover, the majority of the genres of the dinosaur egg fossils and the egg departments in this area are rare ones which are seen for the first time.

Distributed concentratedly     The dinosaur egg fossils are quite densely dispersed. Generally, there are two-six layers of eggs in the stratum section. And the layers are relatively stable. Tumiao Ridge has five layers distributed in it. The distance of the egg nests in the same layer is usually three to five meters. In the most densely-distributed place, it is less than three meters between egg nests. There are about ten eggs in every nest in most cases and twenty-five eggs at most.

Well-preserved   The fossils and the configuration of the earth’s surface are all well and completely preserved, from which we can generally see the original state of the egg nests. Therefore, the geological information is quite plentiful.

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You can take a bus from the bus station in Shiyan to Liupi, then transfer to taxi

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The whole day

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