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The Old Shangjin City

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The Old Shangjin City is also called Liuzhou City, which is 1,236 meters in circumference and has a floor area of 80,000 square meters. The city wall is about 7 meters high in the shape of trapezoid, built up with black bricks. The city has five city walls, each with a height of more than 3 meters. There are passages to the gate tower on the right of the gate. Outside the city are city moats, with a width of 35 meters and a depth of 6 meters. In the west corner of the city is a main street south-north oriented, linking the gate in the south and that in the north, with 287 meters long and 3 meters wide. A 60-meter long street lies between the west gate and the main street, paved with black stones right in the middle and with pebbles on the two sides. Right below the eaves are sewers. And the house buildings are mostly made up of bricks and woods, with beams carved and rafters painted ---a richly ornamented building. According to the literature materials and archeological analysis, the city was built during the second and the third year of emperor Jiajing in Ming dynasty (1523-1524) and renovated in the seventh year of emperor Jiaqing in Qing dynasty (1802). Up to now, the structure of the city is still complete and most of the buildings in the city look what they were.

The Old Shangjin City, with quite a long history, is located in the south of Jizhen town. In the past 1,700 years, Shangjin has once been a county and a prefecture. Since the Southern Song Dynasty (208 A.D.), the area around Shangguan was in evil wars and thus became an important military place of the boundary of Hubei and Shann’xi province. Till the year 1368 in Ming dynasty, Shangjin was merged into Yunxi. In the history, or rather, the third year of Weijingyuan, the former Wei’s military force controlled the upper reach of Han River. Right there, Cao Cao set Shangjin City as an important strategic place and held the passage to Central Plains. In Yuan dynasty, the emperor Hu Bilie attacked Wuchang and made the city the backline of war for storing up grains. The emperor Song Kuangying in Song dynasty, Lv Dongbin, Huang Cao, Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong and Wang Cong’er all came here, which added rich and gaudy colors to the Chu Culture.

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You can take regular buses from Shiyan to Yunxi County, and transfer to Shangjin town by bus, for about two hours and a half.

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The whole day

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