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Xuangu Temple

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Xuangu Temple was built in the second year of emperor Zhengde in Ming dynasty (1437) and flourished and declined alternately after experiencing wars and chaos. Xuangu was named after a legend that the Queen of Lv Wa refined rocks to make up with the heaven, and she put the extra rocks here and the rocks were on the verge of collapse, looking like a hanging drum (Xuangu means a hanging drum). It has been more than four hundred years since the temple was constructed. It has been prosperious and decayed several times after having experienced various vicissitudes of life.

There is a horizontal mountain ridge with a height of more than five hundred meters and a red gravel cliff near its top with very steep walls and rocks, having an altitudinal rip above it containing a rock like a drum, weighing several tons, leaning down and tottering, thus it was called Xuangu (means a hanging drum). In the beginning of Qing dynasty, a temple was built beside the rock and named Xuangu Temple, in which there is a hexagon pavilion, serving for the intellectuals and poets to cmpose poems while drinking wine. Ascending on the top of the temple, tourists can take in everything around the county at a glance. This temple is one of the eight sceneries in Yunxi County. Tourists go there in every season, especially on March, 3rd.

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You can take a through bus from Sanyan Bus Station to the scenic spot.

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Recommended Time for Tourists: two hours

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