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Yeti Gorge

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It was once called ‘Shennong Gorge’. Then it was changed to ‘Yeti Gorge’ according to the history of Fang County, recording that Yetis were discovered here. It’s also named ‘the Ten-mile Gorge’, through which a stream takes a deep, quiet and winding course. In the gorge, there are Hiding Cave, Wild-flower Lake, Huancai Ridge, Yetis’ Castle, three outdoor bathing pools, Longxu Waterfalls, which form a magnificent picture.

Hiding Cave

‘Yetis’ Mansion’ (its present name) is a big limestone cave in the cliff of Yeti Gorge. It’s said that Wu Zetian, an empress of Tang Dynasty, dethroned Li Xian, the emperor of Zhongzong Period, sent him to Fangling (Fang County), and entitled him the magistrate of Luling. Xue Gang lifted flag to revolt the imperial government and escorted Li Xian. This made Fangling area besieged by government troops. Li Xian fled into the cave, and survived this disaster with his family and subordinates, hence its name. Hiding Cave is full of strange-shaped stalactite forests with 300 meters in depth. With huge stone piled at the entrance and precipitous cliffs outside the exit, there are unique and odd stalactites standing inside the cave.

Wild-flower Lake

The reservoir of Hiding Cave is renamed ‘Wild-flower Lake’, in which there is a one-hundred-year-old tree. Tourists can go boating in the reservoir, which is surrounded by high canyon and endowed with boundless scenery.

Longxu Waterfalls

At the end of Yeti Gorge, cataracts and waterfalls run down in thundering splashes. Walking down the winding path on their side, you will find two clear pools: the big one called ‘No.1 Wineglass’, the other one called ‘No.2 wineglass’, then you will have to bend over to pass through the ‘Condescension Place’ to go outside of the gorge.

Drifting includes Adventurous Drifting and Passionate Drifting. The former starts from a wonderful Longma Pool, passing by breathtaking Sanlihua, and ends at Baizhangyan Waterfall. It covers a course of 5 kilometers. The latter starts from the Suspension bridge on the gorge, passing by Qili Gorge, and ends at Baizhangyan Waterfall. It covers a course of 3 kilometers.

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How to Get There?
It will take you 2 hours from Shiyan to Yeti Gorge by tourists’ through buses, or you can take any bus to the downtown of Fang County, then take another bus for 30 minutes to Qiaoshangxiang Village.

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1.Recommended Time for Tourists: the whole day 2. You can listen to elder people talking about the Yetis.

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