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Western Xia Abode Relic

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According to A History of Western Xia, Prince Ning Lingge, son of Emperor Li Yuanhao of Western Xia Kingdom (1038-1237), married a Miss Moyi. However, his father took this lady his queen for her extraordinary beauty. Emperor Li Yuanhao, taking his queen and concubines constantly held banquets in the temporary abode built on the east bank of the big ditch at the foot of Helan Mountain. The highest attic of the abode was about 3-4meters. It was proved by archaeologists in Ningxia Museum that the abode relic, four kilometers long from south to north, locates at the entrance of the big ditch, 45kilometers away from the southwest of Pingluo city.

There are a dozen of platforms on the site of the relic and another dozen lie on the south of the entrance of the big ditch, the largest of which is about 100meters long, 70meters wide and 12meters high, while the smallest of which is about 20meters long, 10meters wide and 8meters high, the rest of which are at different height, from 5meters to 15meters. Three groups of platforms lie on the north bank of the big ditch. The first group consists of two platforms, the lower one of which is near 100meters long and 30meters high. To the north of the first group lies the second group, which is made up of four platforms built on a hill from top to bottom. The slope of the hill is about 200meters long. The highest among the four platforms, all about 60meters wide is about 100meters high. To the northeast of the second group, the third group, consisting of three platforms was built on the back of a hill, 500 meters away from the bottom. All platforms shape like trapeziums. Tables of platforms are flat and slopes of back sides are hewed as right-angles, while the front sides are laid vertical with quadrels. On the right and left sides, or the front sides, stone stairs were laid. On the platforms and around, there are plenty of building remains, such as glass bricks, glazed sparrow hawks, eaves tiles and drip-tiles. Besides, coins of Western Xia Kingdom and Song Dynasty have been found there.


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There are special bus lines there from the outskirt of Shizuishan.

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