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Yinhe Red Willow Forest

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As far as you eyes can reach, the endless red willow forest tightly surrounds the Yellow river. Colorfully ornamented by yellow water, red willow forest, green grassland and narrow-leaved oleaster forest, the scenic area makes people feel relaxed, joyful and wide open. With the length of 5km, over 50,000 mu red willow forest looks long and narrow between the Yellow River and the Wupai ditch, which looks like a natural island at the center of a lake. A boat, across the 15m wide Wupai ditch, may take you into the red willow forest, a boundlessly immense forest. Stepping on the shadowy paths which stretch on all sides and into the hinterland, you will feel fresh and mysterious in satisfaction. Clusters of the red willows become more bright and beautiful under the sunshine. And on the light and tender branches of the willows from the root to the tip blossom small flowers with pink or white color, whose withered parts, like round and milky white nap catkin, waft all around by the breeze. At the center part of the red willow forest exists two broad grasslands, which provide tourists nice room for rest and entertainment.

The red willow is a kind of special plant in northwest part, resistant to drought and alkali. Due to well-developed root and strong reproductive capacity, a red willow in several years can multiply a stretch of red willow forest, whose branches are the best material for handicraft articles, like wicker baskets. The red willow forest, broad in area, also provides good space for wild animals to live and multiply here. You can often see running rabbits, chirping birds and some precious animals like mountain eagle, water bird, wild duck, swan and so on when you are walking in it. So here is a world of birds and a mysterious and interesting wildlife zoo. Whenever there are festivals and holidays, a continuous flow of visitors will come here from surrounding places even Wuhai of Inner Mongolia.

On the east of the red willow forest runs the Yellow river, which flows to the east into Inner Mongolia with wide river course, gentle current and unique water recreation program. At the northeast stands the Huanghe bridge of Shizuishan, which connects Ningxia with Inner Mongolia. And at the southeast is the great grasslands of Inner Mongolia as far as you eyes can reach and hills and river valleys of Hongyazi, Taole.


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