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Shizuishan Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/10

Shizuishan Overview

Shizuishan city, the 2nd biggest city in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, got its name for its mouth-like terrain, shaped by protruding rocks from the cliffs on the banks of Yellow River. With a total population of 680thousand, it covers an area of 4,454 square kilometers. It was set up as Shizuishan municipality in 1960 and then changed to a prefecture-level city in 1975, with three districts--Dawukou district, Shibeichengxinmaozuishan district and Shitanjing district and three counties—Pingluo county, Huinong county and Taole county. With thirty-seven years’development, Shizuishan has already become both an important energy industrial base and a main raw material base in northwest China.

Shizuishan boasts for its unique tourist resources. With one of the thirty-five famous tourist spots—Shahu Scenic Zone which harmoniously blends delicate watery scenery and vigorous desert landscape, it not only owns some historical culture legacies, including North Wudang Temple, Yuhuangge in Pingluo, rock painting in Helan Mountain, relics of the Great Wall and tombs of Han Dynasy in Binggou (a place where stationed troops in ancient times) in Taole, but also keeps on exploring some natural tourist resources, such as Dawukou Forest Park, Dawukou Water Park of Three Lakes. Shizuishan is aiming to become a famous tourist city in both Ningxia and northwest China.