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Longtou Mountain Tourist Zone

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

It occupies an earth area of 1,320,000 square kilometers, and water area of 900,000 square kilometers. It lies in the juncture point of the touring lines of the County of Shuangyashan, Baoqing, Raohe, Youyi, Jixian. The road of the scenic spot run-through Shuangqi and Yirao highways, the transportation is very convenient. The scenic spot is a perfect example of the kind of scenic spots that embodies natural scenery and humanistic scenery. Equipped with water paradise, whiffing field, skiing resorts, sliding sands square, emulation battle, rural restaurant, ballroom, this scenic spot is an ideal place for skiing, eating, touring, living and entertaining during one’s holiday. There are various kinds of tourist items in Longtou Mountain Tourist Zone. Visitors can gigging, boating, driving surfboats, cycling and taking bumper boats in water paradise to enjoy the joy of playing with water; in the emulation battle, visitors can experiencing the life of soldiers and wars; Bringing your fishing gear and waiting the fish in the whiffing field is also a relaxing thing to nourish one’s true nature; In winter, one can not only watching the forest sea, experiencing the excitement of skiing, but also trying skating, sliding circles in the snow field and driving motorbikes, as well as experiencing the sledge driven by dogs and horses. In summer, grow lawns and pave sands on the skiing resort, thus the skiing resort becomes the field for sliding lawns and sands. Besides, entertainment items, such as practicing driving, riding horses, shooting, playing pot ball, throwing dart, are programmed. The rural restaurant provides delicious green cuisine for visitors. There are several strings of yellow corns, white-green radishes and purple garlic hanging under the eaves, which are decorated with bright red lanterns. Equipped with advanced acoustics, the environment of the ballroom is good and it is an ideal place for holding conferences and parties.

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Transportation: the road of the scenic spot run-through Saungqi and Yirao highways, the transportation is very convenient.

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Visitors can do the sport of skiing here in winter

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